Advanced Organic Materials (AOM), leading producers of specialty Clean-Label Tocopherols, Vitamin E and Plant Sterols, announces the launch of its organic-compliant product range.  Identified with the suffix ORG, the new range has been granted attestation of compliance for use of AOM’s Non-GMO Natural Mixed Tocopherol ranges, as well as its Sunflower Vitamin E, in organic formulations without changing the status of the finished product.   

“This represents another milestone in our journey to Clean Label materials and is a further recognition of AOM’s quality standards,” says Ezequiel Abad, Commercial Director of AOM. “We began this process many years ago with our Hard-IP traceability program for Non-GMO soybean materials, and subsequently pioneered the use of Non-GMO, non-Soy sources such as Sunflower and Rapeseed.  Organic is the logical next step.”

Fernando Fogeda, Director of AOM’s European office sees the customer perspective: “Last year we opened our European Subsidiary in order to be closer to our global market, and we have listened to our customers’ ongoing needs for differentiated natural products.”

AOM tocopherols have achieved Organic attestation for food and cosmetics because they are all-natural, non-GMO and produced via physical separation. 

About AOM

AOM is a leading producer of natural ingredients derived from vegetable oils. Our Antioxidant and Nutrition products deliver powerful protection and fortification to many consumer products across multiple industries worldwide. We offer the widest range of Natural Tocopherols available and pioneered the use of Sunflower and Rapeseed to satisfy the need for non-GMO, allergen-free ingredients. Other key products include Sunflower Vitamin E, Sterols and Sunflower Lecithin. For more information please visit 


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